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Friday, Mar 21, 2014 Brian Thomas
Common Therapy Medical & Treatment Diagnoses ICD-9 codes are being expanded from 17,000 currently to more than 140,000 ICD-10 codes.  Our clinical staff has developed complete...Read More

Challenges Faced by Therapists Today

  • Therapy Software - Rehab Consultant - Therapy Management Regulatory challenges to their ability to provide high quality patient care include PPS, MDS 3.0, RUG's IV, CCI Edits, MPPR’s, State Survey, Case Mix, and CMS Medicare RAC Audits.
  • Financial challenges to their ability to operate profitable businesses include fixed reimbursements, restrictions on RUG’s minutes, Medicare Part B Caps, MPPR’s, authorization limits, claims denials, and increasing operating expenses.

Our Solutions to These Challenges

eRehabDirect combines sophisticated software with clinical compliance oversight by experienced clinicians over the Internet. Our service is an “ongoing” therapy quality assurance and quality improvement process that delivers results!

  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes over the long-term.
  • Increase revenue, reduce costs, prevent denials, and improve patient care.
  • The low cost alternative to a compliance officer or therapy consultant.
  • Maximum performance is achieved where high quality and efficient cost meet.

Therapy Software - Rehab Management - Therapy ConsultingCarePoint Therapy Software  Designed by therapists for Inpatient and Contract Therapy providers. Our advanced rehabilitation software has built-in intelligence to eliminate denials and maximize profitability.

  • Easy-to-learn & easy-to-use.  Requires 10 minutes daily per therapist.
  • Unique tools maximize revenue for therapy resources used.   
  • Reduce costs with screens that “drive” compliance, billing, & payroll.
  • Integrated planning & scheduling to maximize RUG's levels achieved.
  • Electronic UB-04 claims support & contract therapy invoices for SNF’s.
  • UB-04 claims automatically prepared & electronically submitted.            

CarePoint Documentation Software  A clinical management system that improves the quality of care and reduces costs for your physical, occupational, and speech therapy team.

  • Flexible tools reduce training, document preparation, & oversight costs.
  • Includes full compliance with all federal & state regulations.
  • “Document Copy” tool cuts preparation time to 10 minutes daily per therapist.

Visual Application & SQL Server DatabaseHosting Services

  • Access to the CarePoint software and central database directly over the Internet.
  • Data warehousing & mining for timely decision support.
  • Works great on an iPad or Tablet PC in “real time.”
  • All features can be used including full documentation, reporting, & analysis. 


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