Challenges Faced by Therapists at SNF’s Today 

  • Regulatory challenges to their ability to provide high quality patient care include PPS, MDS 3.0, RUG's IV, CCI Edits, MPPR’s, State Survey, Case Mix, & CMS Medicare RAC Audits.
  • Financial challenges to their ability to operate profitable businesses include fixed reimbursements, restrictions on RUG’s minutes, Medicare Part B Caps, MPPR’s, authorization limits, claims denials, & increasing operating expenses.

Our Solutions to These Challenges 

CarePoint Therapy Software  Designed by therapists for Inpatient and Contract Therapy providers. Our advanced rehabilitation software has built-in intelligence to eliminate denials & maximize profitability.

  • Easy-to-learn & easy-to-use. Requires 10 minutes daily per therapist.
  • Unique tools maximize revenue for therapy resources used.  
  • Reduce costs with screens that “drive” compliance, billing, & payroll.
  • Integrated planning & scheduling to maximize RUG's levels achieved.
  • Electronic UB-04 claims support & contract therapy invoices for SNF’s.
  • UB-04 claims automatically prepared & electronically submitted.  

CarePoint Documentation Software  Our clinical management system improves quality & reduces costs for your physical, occupational, & speech therapy team.

  • Flexible tools reduce training, document preparation, & oversight costs.
  • Includes full compliance with all federal & state regulations.
  • “Document Copy” tool cuts preparation time to 10 minutes daily per therapist.

Visual Application & SQL Server Database

  • Access to CarePoint and the central database over the Internet.
  • Data warehousing & mining for timely decision support.
  • Works great on an iPad or Tablet PC in “real time.”

CarePoint is Easy to Learn & Easy to Use 

Analyze "real time" clinical & business intelligence with the click of a button

  • Enter activity in one screen to drive all other features automatically.
  • Deliver high quality care by focusing your therapists' time on treating patients.

Superior design structure offers flexibility in how tasks can be performed

  • Perform compliance tasks as treatments are entered or on "live" reports.
  • Improve quality control by easily monitoring staff performance.
  • Evaluate plans, enter charges, & check compliance "on the fly."

Our Daily Treatment Record simplifies planning & data entry tasks

  • Assign patients, plan CPT codes & minutes, & review ARD's & RUG's levels.
  • Enter treatments, notes, & check compliance in one simple screen.
  • This is the only feature most therapists need.  

Flash Graphs & Excel spreadsheets provide greater performance & flexibility

  • Find & analyze the clinical and operational data you need quickly & easily.
  • Standard report filters offer exceptional access to all clinical or operational data.
  • Use graphing & spreadsheet tools to highlight clinical or operational errors.

Maximize Reimbursements 

Med A Activity Monitor projects optimum ARD's & RUG's levels automatically 

  • Integrated ARD planning, scheduling, treatment entry, & RUG's levels tool.
  • Minutes missed are "rolled forward" to achieve the best RUG's level possible.
  • Maximize RUG's levels across the broadest range of dates available.

CMS Activity Monitor tests all charges for compliance automatically

  • Compliance tests all charges for full reimbursement for all resources used.
  • Identify charges missed by misapplying the 8 minute rule.
  • Eliminate denials from charges with insufficient minutes or missing modifiers.

Med B Caps tool increases revenue & eliminate denials

  • Monitor each patient's benefit utilization & remaining dollars available.
  • Control visits remaining, manage exceptions, & identify referral opportunities.
  • Maximize reimbursement for Med B treatments without exceeding the cap.
  • Assign KX modifiers automatically.

Control Therapy Costs 

Save time with our Daily Treatment Record & Clinical Documentation software

  • Flexibility documentation libraries save time while ensuring compliance.
  • Enter treatments, plans of care, & notes in 10 minutes or less.
  • Treatments are pre-tested for compliance errors providing "real time" analysis.

Manage staff time with our Time Clock, Payroll Interface, & Productivity Reports

  • Time Clock helps managers control on-premise time at each facility.
  • Our automatic Payroll Interface tool cuts expenses & increase payroll accuracy.
  • Creates a file that can be transmitted to your payroll system electronically.

Our Billing Interface tool reduces expenses & increase billing accuracy

  • Submit a billing file "free" of compliance errors to your business office.
  • Saves two days of labor in the business office monthly.
  • Offer this valuable feature to clients at no cost to strengthen relationships.