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Flash Graphs: Visual Tools for 1 Minute Therapy Management

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Advanced Management Reporting Tools

CarePoint maximizes the profitability of your therapy practice with tools that deliver high quality patient care at the lowest possible cost.  CarePoint can be deployed directly over the Internet or on your own secure wide area network.  You do not have to share server space with other providers.

Consolidated Corporate Reportingdescribe the image

CarePoint's Consolidated Corporate Reporting provides comprehensive data warehousing and reporting tools.  Timely decision support is available from anywhere for therapy providers of any size.  Our superior design structure offers the flexibility to perform critical tasks as data is entered with "live" facility or corporate level reports.  We do not “batch” data that can only be accessed later.  Your data is available to you immediately from anywhere.  The "real time" performance of these reports saves time because managers can identify and respond to errors or exceptions immediately.

Comprehensive Time Management System

CarePoint's Comprehensive Time Management System controls therapy costs with features like our Time Clock, Timesheet Entry, Payroll Interface, and Productivity Reporting tools.  These features are designed to ensure that payroll payments match the therapists’ treatment and non-treatment time precisely, group and concurrent treatments are accurately documented, and staff time used to process payroll is minimized.

Flash Graphs:  The Key To “One Minute” Therapy Management

Therapy managers are far too busy and face too many challenges to be expected to “cobble” together actionable information from disparate reports or Excel spreadsheets.  They require simple and effective tools to survive and prosper in today’s environment.  Our Flash Graphs are the solution that will enable them to identify clinical compliance or operational issues in “one minute” or less and respond to these issues before they become problems.