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Our virtual eRehabDirect service combines sophisticated software with clinical compliance oversight by experienced clinicians over the Internet.  This keeps your cost low as we pass the savings on to you.  Your practice will benefit by increasing revenue, reducing costs, preventing denials, and improving patient care within your community. eRehabDirect is the premier alternative to your own compliance officer, a therapy consultant or other therapy providers.

SNF's are faced with increasingly complex regulations and declining reimbursements.  The maximum utility of any service is achieved where high quality and efficient cost meet.  Our virtual eRehabDirect service is designed to improve clinical and financial outcomes over the long-term.  Our service is an “ongoing” therapy quality assurance and quality improvement process that will deliver results!

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services holds therapists responsible for the treatment sessions they provide including billing and documents that support the medical necessity of charges.  Our proven software and oversight procedures ensure that charges and supporting documents “stand up” to medical review, comply fully with HIPAA regulations, and protect the health records of your patients. 

eRehabDirect provides a “turnkey” process for many areas of your practice so you can focus your efforts on growth.  Success is assured with eRehabDirect guiding your therapy team!


Our Premier Virtual eRehabDirect Service Overview: