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Friday, Mar 21, 2014 Brian Thomas
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Thursday, Dec 19, 2013 Tom Rackett
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Contract Therapy Start Up Internet Coaching

Contract Therapy - Rehab Consultant - Therapy ManagementContract Therapy start ups face unique challenges because of their limited size.  The Clinician/Owner is responsible for all aspect of the business from marketing, to billing, and payroll.  We provide a “turn key” process for many areas of your practice.  You can focus your efforts on growth.  Success is assured with eRehabDirect guiding your therapy team!

Our experienced clinicians will oversee the mundane day-to-day tasks of data entry, compliance management, billing, and payroll.  This allows you the freedom to focus your efforts on tasks that will grow your business like marketing, sales, customer service, and staff development and retention.

Therapy Compliance - Rehab consultant - Contract Therapy

10 Step Service Plan For Contract Therapy Providers

Increasing Revenue, Reducing Costs & Preventing Denials

  1. Enter treatments, non-treatment time, and correct errors in one simple screen.
  2. Test treatments for compliance and assign modifiers to prevent denials.
  3. Select the best RUG’s level possible. Prevent "short" and “excess” minutes.
  4. COT OMRA tools ensure that RUG's levels achieved are maintained.
  5. Perform chart reviews to improve document quality and prevent denials.
  6. Manage Med B visits remaining, exceptions, and referral opportunities.
  7. Submit charges for billing electronically. Eliminates UB-04 data entry.
  8. Submit MDS data to the MDS coordinators on paper or electronically.
  9. Create invoices instantly with your billing rules for each client facility.
  10. Transmit a data file to payroll electronically. Eliminate payroll data entry.