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We Will Optimize Financial Outcomes At Your Facility

Financial Outcomes - Therapy Reimbursements - Medicare Part A - Medicare Part B

Our clinicians review and analyze quality control, financial, and other performance indicators and compare them to the service plan.  Our goal is to optimize financial outcomes at your community over the long-term.  We focus on strategies that will increase revenue and reduce costs.

Therapists practice in a difficult financial environment with fixed PPS reimbursements, OMRA’s, restrictions on RUG’s minutes, Medicare Part B Caps, MPPR fee adjustments, claims denials, and increasing operating costs.


Our Premier Virtual eRehabDirect Service Will …..

Maximize Revenue with Strategies & Tools that Include

  • Select the best RUG’s level possible.  Prevent "short" and “excess” minutes.
  • COT OMRA tools ensure that RUG's levels achieved are maintained.
  • Schedule patients to maximize RUG’s levels and prevents OMRA’s.
  • Short Stay Assessment tools maximize RUG’s levels for the days on caseload.
  • Monitor charges for compliance, missed units, and potential denials.
  • Minimize the MPPR adjustments with proven strategies. 
  • Monitor patients’ Med B caps benefits.  Maximize revenue within the cap. 

Reduce Therapy Costs with Strategies & Tools that Include

  • Easy-to-learn software minimizes training and start up costs.
  • Enter treatments and Daily Notes in 10 minutes or less daily.
  • "Copy" function cuts document preparation time in half.
  • Billing Interface submits charges electronically saving office time.
  • MDS Interface submits data to MDS coordinators on paper or electronically.
  • Time Clock easily reconciles on-premise time to therapy time entered.
  • Timekeeping monitors time spent on meetings and documentation.
  • Productivity tools pinpoint utilization issues. Therapist time is well spent.

Ongoing operations review as part of a daily routine identifies and corrects issues quickly to ensure maximum reimbursement for therapy time spent.  Comprehensive time management tools ensure that therapist time is focused on billable patient care. 

eRehabDirect: How We Improve Therapy Operations