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The Bottom Line: Savings With eRehabDirect

eRehabDirect - Therapy Savings - Rehab ReimbursementOur service is an “ongoing” therapy quality assurance and quality improvement process that will deliver results! eRehabDirect is the premier alternative to your own compliance officer, an outside therapy consultant, or other therapy providers.

SNF's struggle with declining reimbursements, compliance rules that limit RUG’s levels, CPT code fee caps and adjustments, and claims denials.  Our clinicians have the compliance experience and technical support required to help your therapists provide high quality patient care at the lowest cost.


eRehabDirect vs. Your Own Compliance Officer

Therapy revenue is $1.1 million from three SNF’s with employee therapists.  Revenue includes the therapy component of the per diem rates plus the Medicare Part B rates.  The compliance officer costs $104,000 annually plus payroll taxes, benefits, and travel expenses.

The client will save $100,000 annually with eRehabDirect.  In addition, improved systems and proven oversight procedures will increase profits further.  The client will have access to experienced clinicians, staff who know the latest compliance issues, and management continuity at a lower cost.

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