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Documentation Analysis


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CarePoint is Easy to Learn & Easy to Use


Analyze "real time" clinical & business intelligence with the click of a button

  • Enter all activity in one screen to collect data that drives all other features automatically.
  • Deliver high quality patient care by focusing your therapists' time on treating patients.

Superior design structure offers flexibility in how tasks can be performed

  • Perform compliance tasks & more as treatments are entered or on "live" reports.
  • "Live" reports save time.  Therapists can make correction easily right on the report.
  • Improve quality control by enabling managers to monitor staff performance with ease.
  • Evaluate plans, enter & edit charges, check compliance, & monitor Med B Caps "on the fly."describe the image

Patient Central "dash board" manages all therapy services easily in one place

  • Enter admissions, diagnoses, treatment plans, sessions, RUG's levels, clinical documents, & outcome studies.
  • No complex entry screens are needed to navigate, enter, view, research, or analyze data.

Our Daily Treatment Record simplifies manager planning & speeds therapist's data entry

  • Assign patients to therapists, display planned CPT codes & minutes, & review ARD's & RUG's levels selected.
  • Therapists enter treatments, daily notes, non-treatment time, & check for compliance errors all in one simple screen.
  • ARD Planner achieves planned RUG's levels, maximizes productivity, & improves quality control over CPT codes used.
  • These are the only feature most therapists need to use.  It's easy-to-learn & easy-to-use.

Integrated Flash Graphs & Excel spreadsheet tools for greater performance and flexibility

  • Find & analyze the clinical and operational data you need quickly & easily.
  • Standard report filters offer exceptional access to all clinical or operational data.
  • Use powerful graphing & spreadsheet tools to highlight clinical or operational errors.