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Maximize Reimbursements

Profit Staircase resized 600ARD Planner projects the optimum ARD's & RUG's levels with the click of a button

  • Integrated ARD Planner, Patient Scheduler, Daily Treatment Record, & RUG's Levels Tools.
  • Treatment minutes missed one day are "rolled forward" to the next to achieve the best RUG's level possible.

RUG's Levels tools select the best RUG's level automatically

  • Track "short" minutes for the next RUG's level; monitor excess minutes & overrides.
  • Calculations are based upon the minutes and days of care actually provided.
  • Select alternative ARD's with the click of a button.
  • Expand the assessment period to include grace days automatically.
  • Achieve the best RUG's levels possible across the broadest range of dates available.

CMS Compliance Activity Monitor tests all charges for quality control & compliance automatically

  • Compliance tests all charges for full reimbursement of all therapy resources used.
  • Identify charges that might have been missed by misapplying the 8 minute rule.
  • Eliminate denials from charges with insufficient minutes or those requiring modifiers.

Medicare Part B caps tool increases Medicare Part B revenue & eliminates denials

  • Monitor each patient's benefit utilization & remaining dollars available.
  • Control visits remaining, manage exceptions, & identify referral opportunities.
  • Maximize reimbursement for Med B treatments without exceeding the cap.
  • Assign KX modifiers automatically.