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Friday, Mar 21, 2014 Brian Thomas
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Patient Planning & Scheduling Capabilities

Scheduling Software - Patient Planning - Rehab ProductivityOur Inpatient Scheduling System begins with the treatment plan, projected ARD, and RUG's level.  Plans flow to the Patient Scheduler.  The RUG’s level minutes required are re-calculated and flow to the Daily Treatment Record all automatically.  Therapists know the precise minutes required for the best RUG's level possible.  This speeds up scheduling, maximizes reimbursements, and focus therapists on providing high quality patient care.

describe the imageTreatment Plan ensures that CPT codes will be provided for the duration & frequency required

  • Planned CPT codes are integrated with the Daily Treatment Record & the Initial or Re-certification Plan of Care.
  • Optimize RUG's levels, maximize therapist productivity, & improve quality control.

ARD Planner projects the optimum ARD's & RUG's levels automatically

  • Integrated ARD Planner, Patient Scheduler, Daily Treatment Record, & RUG's Levels tools.
  • Treatment minutes missed one day are "rolled forward" to the next to achieve the best RUG's level possible.

Patient Scheduler selects patients & assigns therapists with the click of a button

  • Schedule patients, assign therapists, & printed schedules by therapist or discipline.
  • Display patient alerts like re-certification dates, visit requirements, ARD's, assessment periods, & more right on the screen.
  • Access the Treatment Plan, ARD Planner, and RUG's Level tools right from the Patient Scheduler.

Our Medicare Part B Caps tool monitors benefit utilization & manages exceptions

  • Monitor each patient's benefit utilization & remaining dollars available.
  • Control visits remaining, manage exceptions, & identify referrals opportunities.
  • Assign KX modifiers automatically.